Tea Ceremonies and More

Hello everyone!

Sorry to be MIA for the past couple days. I have been sooooo busy. Finished up my biochem midterm on thursday morning, then the classes finished up as well…. Then I had Rits Open House. This is a big event for my residence, because it was built for an exchange between UBC and Ritsumeiken Univeristy in Japan. This event is an opportunaty for the Japanese students to showcase their cutlure; from food, to calligraphy, to SolanBushi (a way cool traditional fisherman’s dance…). It’s pretty cool we usually get a whole bunch of people stopping by from all over campus.

But as this is a food blog let me show you, rather than tell you about it…

Rice Balls for all:IMG_2758

Miso Soup:

Yummy: (this had sushi rice, nori, and salmon in it. I am a vegetarian, and the main reason I don’t eat seafood is just not really enjoying the taste.)

Tea Ceremony: IMG_2777



The Tea ceremony was pretty cool. It’s neat to see the ceremonies different cultures have around food. We were served a little sweet treat, then they went through the steps of making the matcha green tea for us. Really neat. I can’t say I know in what contexts they’d have a ceremony (is it every time they have tea or just on special occasions??) but it’s really sweet and cute.

Last night (on my Birthday! can you believe I’m 22? I can’t!) I went to a friend’s party (really long story, but I honestly didn’t have the energy to plan anything big for my bday, I’ll be celebrating next week with a bowling party 😀 ) and it was at a Greek restaurant called The Main. It was decent, nothing exceptional though. It was a cheap night for me; they forgot to put my wine on my bill and they didn’t charge us for dessert since it took them a fricking long time to get it.

Alright, I’m off to do some much needed activities (shopping!) with some friends, I also have a Halloween event tonight!

Happy weekend to you all!



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7 responses to “Tea Ceremonies and More

  1. Liz

    Happy 22nd! That’s pretty sweet they forgot to put the wine on your bill. Glasses of wine are expensive! Love all the Japanese food!

  2. Lizzy

    Happy Belated birthday love!!!!!!! 🙂


  3. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY! . . . post pics of your Halloween event!

  4. Happy birthday late! I just came across your blog and am really loving it so much!!

  5. A belated happy birthday to you Bronwyn!!!

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