The Littlest Broccoli Stalk

Hello All.

What a day. So long! And it’s not done yet! I spent 6hours studying alone today. Also had yoga and another class. Tonight I have a meeting for my council group, hopefully it’s short.
But I was well prepared! Last night I got ready for the day by preparing my meals for the day:
While I was preparing, look who wondered away…
He got even more lost on the way home, but made himself some friends…
After playing with his friends the gourds, and Mz Crane, The Littlest Broccoli Stalk made his way over the Glass Jar Wall and back home;
He was a little scared jumping down, but once he got back on the counter he was happy to get cozy with some carrots and cucumber…


Clearly I’m going crazy! But seriously, it was like the cutest head of broccoli ever! Is it weird that I find food cute? And don’t even say anything about playing with my food! :p

Alright off to make an agenda for my meeting tonight, and hopefully get some more studying in!



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3 responses to “The Littlest Broccoli Stalk

  1. That broccoli stalk would only feed one in my house, I love broccoli and could eat double that in one sitting . . . glad to hear that your studying at school is being super productive . . . the only problem for me is that I don’t go to school (mine is in Alberta) I do my degree by correspondence . . . homework AT home is not proving to be easy, I might make a trip to the library on Friday

  2. I think biochem is making you crazy. Good luck on the exam tomorrow 😀

  3. Liz

    Haha, that broccoli stalk is pretty adorable. Too bad he had to be eaten. So sad 😉

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