Brain Dead

Well one midterm down, one more to go! Plus a small paper, plus a huge event! The week is almost done.

Despite many cups of this:


(My apologies for the blurryness, pouring and photographing at once is a difficult task.)
My brain still felt like this:

…… huh?……

After my midterm Ienjoyed a decent lunch with fellow blogger Marianne. We went to the Red Burrito, a mexican restaurant in “the village”. The Village is a small little shopping/eating/living area just outside of campus. It’s pretty much on campus, but technically, I guess it’s not.

I got the tortilla soup:


It was pretty flavourful, but lacking in texture changes. I tried asking for some beans, but the server was like ….uh….I don’t recommend it. So I shrugged and went along with it. It was tough scooping out soggy chips out of my soup though! If they’d been smashed up it would have helped lots! Next time I’ll try a burrito, since Marianne’s looked much more filling then my own little lunch choice.

I went home and promptly chilled out with an apple and some reading.

Well I have a meeting to go to! Must be off. 🙂 Have a great night everyone.



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4 responses to “Brain Dead

  1. Lizzy

    o yum tortilla soup is so good!

    i hope the rest of your midterms go awesome! 🙂

  2. I highly recommend the burrito option – that baby kept me going until I got home. I didn’t even dig into my snacks I packed with me.

    PS – you think you were brain dead? I brought you one of the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins I baked, and forgot to even bring them out. Or take the obligatory blogger meet up photos. Or photos of Red Burrito for that matter. I totally failed at blogging today. LOL. We’ll just have to do lunch again one of these days 😉

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