Another Weekend gone + Review!

And it’s once again sunday night.

I started my day with toast and pb. Which I of course forgot to take a picture of… sigh, I seem to be bad at that. I do have a question for people, once you upload pictures to wordpress, do you have to keep them on your computer? I feel like I’m taking DOZENS of pictures and I’m not sure I want to keep them all on my hard drive… 😉

I was excited to try something new today:


Yesterday I picked up some Vega Products. Vega was invented by Brendan Brazier, a (local!) professional triathlete who also happens to be vegan. I’ve recently read his book Thrive (for a second time) and I really like the concept behind his food philosophy. I am hoping to try some of the recipes from his book actually, but just haven’t had time! Plus some of the ingredients are a little $$$, and being a poor student I just can’t spend the extra cash on “better” food.

I wasn’t too sure… Smoothie add ins are never really my thing. But I mixed it up with one cup of milk, one large banana and purred until smooth (this took a while, because the banana just didn’t want to de-chunkify).

My verdict:
–  tasted a little bit “grassy”. I can’t lie, it bothered me, but only a little bit. Actually the chocolate was helpful.
– Slight chalky texture. But not that bad.
– Wow. I did feel an instant boost in energy. I was in the middle of a 5hour study marathon with my friend Ally, and honestly it totally got me through the rest. I wasn’t expecting it to work so well.

Would I use it again?
yeah actually I think I would. It was pretty good and the fact that I felt immediate effect was really neat. I have one more to try: vanilla chai. We’ll see how it is.

The rest of my eats today:




Plus about 10 dried dates and a little more pb. 😉

I also ran about 10k. But it was broken into 4 on my own in the morning, then 6 after the study marathon with my friend Ally.

Right now I’m just chilling and watching Must Love Dogs. It’s cute and it’s on TV, who could ask for more?

I’m hoping to maybe study a little more tonight… But night just doesn’t work for studying for me.


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