Study? Nah, let’s bake!

This was my morning:IMG_2648

My To-Do list:



This was my afternoon:

[insert cool swimming picture]

Followed by a walk to the grocery store:


Fall is so pretty!

My evening:

Hmmm, what am I making? You can see the star of the show right there!

Out of the oven…



So quickly devoured!


I made Pumpkin Cake from the book My Sweet Vegan. It’s by unversity student Hannah Kaminsky. These tasty recipes are all vegan, but so easy! And so good. I’ve made vegan “cheesecake” and this cake, as well as Fig and Graham Flour scones (so good, going to make these soon!). Just amazing. Check out her blog; Bittersweet (seriously, her photos will make you drool!).

Then I went to my residence’s Thanksgiving Dinner where it was quickly devoured. Only  few crumbs. 🙂 yay. I love seeing people gobble up my food. Is it weird that I’m saddened when there’s some left?

My swim today was awesome. I think swimming is highly underappreciated. It’s a great sport! And so few blogs talk about it. Anyone else for the swimming love?

Hmmm…. I think I might have a post for tomorrow for you all! Ideas Ideas! I spend far too much time thinking about this blog, and not enough thinking about my schoolwork! I have two midterms coming up, and a couple big events. Right now I’m terrified of failing. And it’s definitely a possibility. 😦

Oh well. Maybe I’ll study for a bit?

Or maybe I’ll chill out and watch some TV.



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7 responses to “Study? Nah, let’s bake!

  1. Liz

    Swimming is the best! Your right, no one really talks about it. Talking to people at my work and school, I’ve actually found out that not many people are good at it or like it. I guess the coordination of breath and the arm and legs is too much. I grew up on swimming, so I’ve always had a passion for it. Swimming is usually my cross training of choice and when I’ve been injured, swimming has been my saving grace.

    • That’s very true!

      It is a difficult sport, especially if you haven’t started since a young age. And I think people feel super self-conscious swimming (body and movement wise). It’s really too bad!

  2. looks nice! What a great afternoon.
    Check out my baking blog and tell me what you think:


  3. You are a bad influence! I have to study the day away, but you are giving me so many good ideas of things I could do instead 😀

  4. Lizzy

    AH i always get distracted with all the other things i rather be doing then studying! o school, how you don’t allow us to do what we want! lol

  5. Oh my God – I want that Pumpkin bread!! Looks delish and I have a few cans of pumpkin right now!! Just found your blog and it’s ‘yummy’ to say the least! I started my own, and hopefully I’ll find my niche soon. Take care!

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