Is this a Food blog or what?

Man last night I was busy, being an unhealthy student. 😉 But that’s all part of the balance right?

Today I am feeling rather tired, so I’ll leave you with some pics of my eats this week. This is a food blog after all isn’t it?

First up a very typical blogger breakfast:



On Monday I indulged in this delicious treat:


Not food but pretty:


And because I’m just a post-it bandit


LOL. Sorry for this short silly post.

I have a long weekend this weekend (yay! Canadian Thanksgiving!).



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2 responses to “Is this a Food blog or what?

  1. What day are you having dinner on, Sunday? Monday?

    • Hey Morgan,

      This year I’m having dinner on sunday and on monday. 😉 I’m having dinner with friends tomorrow night. Then having a potluck dinner with people in my dorm on monday.

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