A Day at the Farm

Yesterday was beautiful. The weather was crisp. There was sun shinning down, and a cold chipper wind blowing. Everything felt light and airy. You only get this kind of weather in Autumn and Spring. And they always feel backwards in both; in spring you know the coolness is leaving and heading towards those hot days of summer, in autumn you can feel the sun’s heat all but leaving. My group from school and I went out to Delta a municipality outside of Vancouver, with some of the richest farmland and wildlife in Canada.

It was gorgeous.








I definitely bought a gourde, and a couple wee pumpkins, to decorate our place autumn style.

My day ahead is simple; homework, homework, homework, with a swim and maybe a book buying expidition for a break. But I seriously need to put nose to grindstone. 🙂

I might also whip up some preliminary posts; just to get ahead for another busy week.



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4 responses to “A Day at the Farm

  1. Lizzy

    those guards looks so pretty! i love purchasing them and decorating the house like your doing!


  2. I definitely should be putting some of that nose the grindstone business . . . oh my I have so much school work. I’m sure I’ll be crying about it all week! hahaha . . . hope you got to work better than I did today

  3. Liz

    All the pictures of your day made me think of fall and all it’s colors. What a fun trip!

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