Eyeballing It

Yesterday was a lot of fun in the afternoon.

My parents and I went to Home Outfitters so they could pick up a gift for my cousin, who is getting married on Canadian Thanksgiving.

Then because HO doesn’t seem to seel pots that are seperate, or you know under $50, we went to Ikea. yay! I got me some loot from there:IMG_2494

Pretty lamp.


A drainer (for pasta and for steaming veggies!). A veggie peeler, mainly because I want to try amazing salads like I’ve seen over at Choosing Raw. And pots! Our dorm is awesome enough to give us pots, but really, one pot between four people is just not enough! Ikea has a perfect set of three not-so-big-pots; great for the student.

Today was BUSY. I started the day by measuring out 2tbs of peanut almond butter then weighing it out to see if there was a difference… According to the jar, a serving of ab should be 2tbsp and weigh 30g mine weighed 42g!

Maybe the spoon was a little too full or something (though I made extra sure to level it off). But isn’t that interesting? It’s nearly a half a serving size difference!


The cultprit spoon.


See? Has anyone else tried this? Did they find a large difference as well?

I tried to find something to eyeball it too, as per Liz ‘s request, but couldn’t find anything very good. 😦 Maybe tomorrow. I’d also like to try weighing everything out tomorrow, since I have yet to do that.

Anyways I ate that 43g of almond butter on two pieces of the big 16 silver hills bread toasted just right. And I had some coffee to prepare myself for… the Grouse Grind. I know!

It was good. My time was roughly 1hour (I didn’t have a watch, and my parents fell behind, but I guesstimated based on what I was hearing for times around me).

At the top we had some lunch:


I only ate half that chocolate bar I swear!

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing some errands, buying me groceries and my birthday present. 😀

But as I have a lot of work to do, and a 6am (gasp!) run tomorrow, I’ll have to tell you about my present tomorrow. Just let me say this: I am a VERY lucky/spoiled/happy girl, and clue #2: I hope to use it tomorrow morning. 😉



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2 responses to “Eyeballing It

  1. *gasp* did you get a Garmin or Polar or something like that?! Can’t wait to find out!
    Very interesting about the difference in almond butter! I’ll have to conduct my own experiment!

  2. Liz

    Cool! Thanks for showing the portion size! Looking at your picture, I think I probably have 4 tbsp in a serving! Ahh, need to work on that.

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