My New Toy

Look at this:


Am I weird in that I am super excited to be weighing out my food?

Yes. That’s right super excited.

Unfortunately, it’s only a loan, but if it works well, I might be making a purchase in a while. yesterday I weighed out my usual breakfast, and boy was I surprised that the amount of Peanut Butter  I’ve been eating has been WAY off 30grams! So much for eye balling it. I’d always like to see how much 2tbs of PB actually weighs.

My week has been very busy. As president of my residence’s council (Run through the RHA, and affiliated with PACURH and NACURH) I had elections to run tonight, to actually have myself a council. Fortunately my good friend and treasurer Joyce was there to help.

I also met up with fellow blogger and dietetic’s applicant Marianne from French Fries to Flax Seeds. It was so nice to meet you! And we definitely must go for coffee sometime, since I didn’t feel like we had enough time to chat at all.

On Friday (the day I was writing the above part of this post) I went with some friends of mine to get birthday buns.

What? you say?

What in the world are birthday buns?

Well these are birthday buns:

The funniest little pink buns, full of red bean goodness. They’re slightly sweet, soft and moist. The best part? You steam them to cook them. That’s right, no baking! So delicious.

Today I had a small breakfast on the run. I was out for longboat.


Longboating, looks like fun doesn’t it?

It’s one of the largest canoe races in North America. And it’s so much fun! University, student bonding, getting wet, shouting, paddling, what could be better?

I’m sorry this post was awhile in coming, but here it is. And now I’m off to continue on a couple more days of busyness.



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4 responses to “My New Toy

  1. Bronwyn – is there a particular reason you’re weighing your food now, or is it something you’ve done in the past?

    • Bronwyn

      I’ve never done food weighing before, but I’ve heard there can be huge differences between the weight serving sizes, and the measured portion size, even if they’re supposed to be the same. So I’m curious to see what happens.

      I’m weighing out my food for a class actually, it’s Nutrition Assessment. Our prof is letting us use his scales so we can weigh out our food. As part of the course we’re keeping a three day food diary.

  2. Liz

    You should post a picture of what 2 tbsp of peanut butter looks like..maybe in relation to something, like a tennis ball or something of that sort. I’m an eyeballer of my pb, so it would be interesting to see!

    • Bronwyn

      Me too! I usually totally eyeball. Then I measured out 30g (the serving size on my jar.) And boy, was I ever off! I’ll def take some pictures next time…

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