Midnight surprise

Last year my friends and I began a little birthday tradition. We would gather as a group, with birthday cake, and go surprise a the Birthday person at 12am on their birthday. Well today is my friend’s birthday, so last night, we gathered at a friend’s place to surprise him…

It’s fun, and I hope we keep it up. It’s not like we’re waking anyone up who is in the nude or something, since as university students pretty much everyone is still up at midnight. Instead we just come together and celebrate with food at a normally ungodly hour.

I know I know. But well we had to hide somewhere, right? lol. DOn’t worry it was an amazingly clean bathroom.

Tiramisu goodnesss…..

This cake was surprisingly awesome for a store bought cake. It’s the tiramisu cake from Save-On-Foods, a BC (maybe Alberta?) grocery chain.

Right now I’m debating about dropping a class. Just so much to think about. I hate school sometimes.


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  1. That is definitely the most interesting picture I’ve looked at today – cake on a toilet 😀

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