Just a Little Bit

Today was one of those days where I had moderation. Just a little bit of everything.

A little bit of coconut oil makes my hair soft (and helps the curls form, who knew? It works as well, if not better than salon products!). One teaspoons worth, and I have perfect curls all day, shiny, soft and not crunchy.


Seriously amazing stuff.

At lunch I knew a needed a little something, so I had a little dark chocolate from Ikea. I bought two bars of this stuff just over a week ago, and it has lasted me well. Just having a small piece (usually half of the serving said on the back) just helps me get over the sweet cravings I get.


In for its close up:


Really what could be better?

My day was supplemented with an amazing hour long Yoga class (ok, that might not be a little bit, but it was great) and a nice short 4k run.

And of course, a little procrastination, a little homework, and a little bit of president work. Ok, so I might have to do a little bit more work, but oh well, overall this day has been good for the little things.


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