Typical. Here I go starting a blog, then bam! I disappear for a while. Well I have a pretty good excuse I think. I was on a trip.

I went for a beautiful weekend in Banff National Park with my dad and my brother. We hiked up through the Sunshine Mountain meadows. No it wasn’t snowy like that sight makes it seem. But really it was a great time, except I got altitude sickness. Or at least that’s the theory that my dad came up with. I had a headache both nights, and the second night, the nauseau took a step up and my dinner came up… ugh. Not fun. OTher than that it was great. We saw some pretty awesome stuff:

Isn't he cute? One of millions of Groundsquirrels

Isn't he cute? One of millions of Groundsquirrels


So that was my weekend, er, my week really. And today I’ve spent the morning reading all my fav blogs as per usual. My breakfast was delicious:


Wasa crackers, almond butter, coffee and water. Yum.

I have a super full day ahead of me, full of lots and lots of errands and small stuff. Dentist, some running or roller blading, errands, figuring out classes, coffee with friend and my brother. Should be a good day.

Till later.


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