Friday Baking


TGIF? Maybe, if I was working, or going to school. But alas, I am not, so friday is just another day for me. I started with my breakfast of choice these days:

coffee (with milk) wasa cracker with almond butter

coffee (with milk) wasa cracker with almond butter

Yep this was only part of the meal, don’t worry I’m not having just one cracker! I am eating a small breakfast, but I really don’t feel like eating a lot these days.







Yesterday I baked the BEST GRANOLA BARS EVER! I learned the recipe from a volunteer run café I worked at last year. Do you go to UBC? Check out agora sometime, really awesome cheap food and coffee, and all homemade right there.









And the final product:









Perfect fuel for a two night, three day hike! I’ve also made some banana bread, yummy, but the center fell in, so not extremely photogenic really…

I’ve been munching on an apple here while I post, and I have a busy day ahead of me. I have to look after a friend’s doggy, and go shopping with another friend. Then a group of us is heading out tonight for a night on the town! Yay dancing!


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